The Sweet Spot

written by Michael Hartoonian

What Every Teacher Must Teach

What Every Kid Must Learn


The power of the sweet spot is pure art.  It doesn’t matter in which discipline you work – medicine, agriculture, baseball, or life – hitting the sweet spot is an aesthetic joy – a joy that comes only from the work ethic and the word ethic.

If happiness is the aim of life, be sure you understand its foundation. The word ethic means learning.  Learn all you can, when you can, everywhere you can.  Learning is the key to all you do, all you are, and all you will be.  With learning you understand that you must exercise your (for) health, give freely of your talent, and practice virtue.  If you are learning, healthy, and good, you will acquire a quiet conscience, private esteem, and public honor – in other words, happiness.  You should want nothing more than this.  With happiness thus defined, you will easily obtain what you need, and more important; what you love.  Good health, a right conscience, strong work habits, a love of what you do, and freedom in all you pursue will direct your life toward happiness.  In this context, life is sweet, indeed.


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